A strange bug

i found a bug while i was working in unity. i add my character that i made to a scene and did all the progress correctly. it was working for the whole day i would speak to him and he would answer until i went to bed and try to open it again but now when i try to go and speak to him it would say in the console that it started and after a second it would say it ended without me moving and it gives me a long error. i tried to see if the problem with some thing in the scene so i went in another scene and pasted him but it didn't work too. what should i do now?

never mind i found why thanks anyways

Care to share had same problem

well first check if your connected to the inworld account in unity also if it sends an error message then try to past it here. my problem was with the internet basically you need a good internet and connection.
Just send what yo did and i will try to help

The unauthenticated bug. that's a Problem I'm Encountering can some tell how to fix it