About the Creating category

Hints, tips and tricks on how to create with Inworld Studio.

Creating AI characters is, well, pretty dang new-fangled. So you might need a helping hand now and again! That's where this category should help. Here you can post topics regarding how to create characters, and how to make them perform as you want them to - given the usual caveats of how AIs have a tendency to go 'off-script'....

When posting a topic, you'll need to choose at least one tag to go with it to help organize the category. Here are the available tags:

  • #Avatars - Tips and tricks on avatars created within Inworld Studio. Currently we utilize Ready Player Me's avatar creation system.
  • #Character-Creation - A general tag for anything to do with creating characters. You might want to add an additional tag to get more specific.
  • #Dialogue - How to use the Example Dialogue section on Inworld Studio.
  • #Getting-Started - You guessed it, use this tag if you're new and looking for basic advice.
  • #Goals-and-Actions - Discuss how to use the goals and actions functions in Inworld Studio. This is also discussed in the #integrating category.
  • #Knowledge-Management - How to best use facts and knowledge, and shared knowledge, when creating characters.
  • #Personality - The personality and emotions section of Studio, and how to get the best from it.
  • #Scene-Creation - Discuss scenes and how to best create them.
  • #Triggers - How, when and how best to use triggers.

The overall aim with this category is to mostly talk about using Inworld Studio for character creation. While we expect there to be crossover with the #integrating category, feel free to post here or there if you're unsure and we'll move the topic if needs be.

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