About the Integrating category

Discussion on how to integrate Inworld into your project.

We currently support Unity, Unreal Engine and node.js integrations, with more planned - look out for announcements on future integrations.

Integration is many faceted so we have plenty of tags to utilize here:

#Avatars - Any issues you may have with avatars in integrations.
#Bug - If you think you've found a bug, let us know!
#Dialogue - Anything relating to dialogue in integrations.
#Goals-and-Actions - Writing / working with goals and actions in Studio.
#Integration-request - If you want to see Inworld integrated with a specific engine or platform, tag your request with this.
#Knowledge-Management - Writing / working with knowledge management in Studio.
#nodejs - Combine this tag with others if you're integrating Inworld using node.js.
#Other - Just in case it seems outside of all of the above tags.
#Personality - Working with the personality and emotional elements of Inworld.
#Scene-Creation - Writing / working with scenes in Studio.
#Support - Think you need help, rather than just talking? Add this tag.
#Triggers - Writing / working with triggers in Studio.
#Tutorials - Tagging if we (or you) make tutorials to do with integration.
#Unity - Combine this tag with others if you're integrating Inworld into Unity.
#Unreal - Combine this tag with others if you're integrating Inworld into Unreal.

Remember, if you have a suggestion / request for a new integration, please add the integration-request tag to your topic. We may not be able to do all of them but the more :heart: we see, the more we're likely to pay attention!

If you're having an issue with an integration, we'll do our best to help here - and we encourage you to help your fellow Inworlders with your own suggestions and thoughts on how to best integrate Inworld into your projects. You can add the 'bug' or 'support' tag, along with the integration platform you're working with (Unreal, Unity, etc) to help us track those requests.

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