AI art gallery 🎨

As you might expect, we love ourselves some AI-created art around here. To me it's almost literally magic. You intone some magical words (the prompts) and then zap something pretty appears. I mean, most of the time. Look, no-one said magic was an exact science.

We love AI art so much we used it to create all of our character portraits for the front page of Inworld Arcade. All of the images there, I'm told, were practically untouched by the virtual brush of Photoshop.

By a staggering coincidence it's also allowed me to adopt possibly my ultimate avatar, my virtual spirit animal, my animus, my human-animal hybrid form...

Just call me Cranky Cat.

Got any cool AI art to show off? Drop it below. :point_down: Doesn't have to be created by you, but if it's not, include a link to the original artist. Because someone has to incant those prompts...

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I looooooove AI art, I can scroll through the Midjourney community gallery for hours!!