Can A i learn a language that doesn’t exist?

Can i teach an Ai a language i made its basically just English but i replaced the letters for example I means X, P means Q , A means H,N means M. so when you write the word pain it will be qhxm in the language

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That is a fascinating question. Honestly I think the answer is probably "Yes", but can it happen with Inworld...? Unsure. Probably not.

You could probably put specific words and phrases into the Facts & Knowledge section of a character (@clintmclean may be able to validate here), so for example, an Elf might be able to tell you when asked that the word 'Help' is (whatever) in Elvish. It would be written as {character} knows that the Elvish word for Help is (word).

Not a completely new language of course, but it could be something. What are you trying to achieve here @user6 ?

Cool idea! I'd suggest creating a Common Knowledge section that's named after your language. Explain the language's rules in the description and include some examples of the translations within the Common Knowledge's additional facts. Connect your character to the Common Knowledge and include in your character's Core Description that this is the language they speak.

Let us know how it works out!

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