Changing position not working

When I try to move the character during runtime, it will snap back to it's original position after a few seconds. Also, disabling and then enabling the InworldController or the character doesn't work as a way to show the character at certain times during runtime.

Hey Jonathan,

Sorry for the inconvenience, as long as the structure is correct, our animation would be applied. In that case, the first frame would be applied whenever you started the game.

If the character disconnected, the character will try auto reconnect. Then when the character is reconnected, the first frame of the animation would be played. (which will reset the local position)

To solve this, you could either disable the backoff reconnect by set AutoStart of the InworldController to false and manually start the session, or disable the animator on the InworldCharacter.

Ok, thank you!

It's still resetting position and I would prefer not to disable the animator. Even if I parent the InworldController it still tries to move its position (not to 0,0,0 - which would be nice). thoughts?

Hey Jonathan,

Just as I said. The reason it'll reset to the initial position when the game starts, is because of the animations.
If the character moves too far away from the player, it'll be disconnected. Then as long as AutoStart of InworldController is on, it'll immediately restart, and then call its 1st frame of the Hello State of the animator, which will drag the avatar to its initial position.

So to deal with the situation, after you manually reconnected the InworldController, you also need to adjust InworldController's transform to match your need.

The other way to work around is in Update, always set the Priority of the character to 1, if you have only 1 character. Then that character will always reply to you unless 2 minutes of inactivity. If you keep communication within 2 minutes it'll be fine.

Thank you for the detailed explanation. That is really helpful.

Hello Yan,

I am trying to figure out how to best deliver my game to my clients. I am on a Mac and would like to build for WebGL, but it sounds like neither of those are supported. My plan is to now use Unity's DevOp Cloud Builder. However, I'm not sure what is possible for the final deliverable format. I need to be able to build something for my clients (less tech-savvy individuals) that is browser based or some other easily accessible means. Can you send me in the right direction for this?

Also, what do you recommend for my clients that use macs? Is there a way for a mac to open a Microsoft build? Thanks for being patient with all my questions.

Hey Jonathan,

Thank you for reaching us. Sorry our package does not support web gl, because of the unsupported library we're using. Currently, the only solution that's workable in web is using our web SDK. Here's the link Web | Inworld AI

Meanwhile, we're actively replacing the current grpc library with a more suitable version. We'll release a lite version with 2D image and text based only, but supports web gl at the first half of the year.

Best Regards,

For the mac version, we're able to run it in mac editor, but not for the mac build, due to Unity's own issue. But you can still use mac to build iOS application if that works for you.

Thank you so much for your help. This is just what I was looking for.