Character of the Week (12/15): Why, it's Santa of course

It's the most wonderful time of the year... which of course meant we created our own AI-powered Santa Claus. Here's Clint on how we made Santa:

We magically placed Santa into your Inworld Studio workspace so you can customize him, either for yourself or your kids. (Or pets. Pets need Santa too.) Here's how to make the magic happen:

Customizing Santa in 5 minutes or less

Follow the instructions to customize Santa for your kids, or check out the video tutorial. If you don't have 5 minutes, a generic version of Santa is available to talk to in the Inworld Arcade.

  1. Create an Inworld account. Use your child's name when you sign up, so Santa knows who to talk to.
  2. After you've logged in to Inworld Studio, click on Santa. (Existing Inworld users may need to log out to see Santa in their workspaces)
  3. We've filled out most of Santa's details, but you'll need to customize the "Core Description" section. Instructions are below.
  4. Hit "Save"
  5. Hit "Share." Turn on "Share character to web."
  6. Click on the URL to take you to Santa. Talk to Santa and ask him anything you like!
  7. [optional] To change the way Santa looks, click on his thumbnail and select "Replace avatar"

Replace the details listed in "Core Description"

Change the text listed in ALL CAPS, so Santa knows more about your child.

{character} knows that {player} has been trying really hard this year in MATH CLASS.

{character} knows that {player}'s favorite activity is playing POKEMON.

{character} knows that {player}'s favorite Christmas movie is HOME ALONE.

{character} knows that {player}'s favorite Christmas song is JINGLE BELLS.

{character} knows that {player} has one sibling, an older sister named WILLA.

Or just go ahead and watch this video.

Finally Clint penned a blog detailing all about how he created Santa in Inworld Studio, so for the real nitty-gritty, go read that.

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Santa is amazing! It's what brought me to the site. My kid had a conversation with him (I didn't use the customisation stuff) and 'Santa' was gracious and understanding. Love it!!

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