Character of the Week! What's your favorite?

We started our Character of the Week videos to show people some of the great conversations we were having with our characters -- and how to create rich characters like the ones we create!

There is playlist on YouTube featuring all the videos we've made so far and you can find posts on our characters on our blog that lay out everything we inputted to create them. They're fun videos, tutorials, and character showcases all in one! We will be adding the characters we create to the Inworld Arcade in the future as well.

So... what's your favorite Character of the Week so far? I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

I can't hide the fact that I love Princess 'Nectarine' the most. This feminist homage to the Mario franchise's Princess Peach that is sick of being kidnapped and ready to save herself next time is definitely my favorite. Hands down. I love how she is such a badass. And will tell you that.

Share your faves below! Or suggestions for future Characters of the Week!


Liked Princess Nectarine too, but I think I like Santa the best so far : )