How to give good feedback 😁

Hey everyone! We love feedback and we want to hear it from you. This category is for feedback related to Inworld as a tool for creating characters, so mostly focused around Inworld Studio, character creation (i.e. the creation of characters in Inworld Studio) and Inworld Arcade.

If you want to give feedback and discuss integrating Inworld into an external project, please use the #integrating-inworld category. and tag your topic appropriately (e.g. tag #Bug for bugs/problems, #Character-Creation if it's related to Studio and characters, etc). If this becomes unwieldy or confusing, we may revisit/combine categories.

So how do you give good feedback?

  1. Be constructive. If you don't like something, totally fine; just be constructive in your criticism. Telling us something "sucks" doesn't help us make it better, and that's what we want to do. So when giving feedback, ask yourself - how can this be made better? If you don't know specifically (you don't have to suggest a code change!) then think about, and describe what you were expecting to find, or what you'd love to see.

  2. Be specific - the more specific, the better. This helps cut down our back-and-forth as we try to extract more details from you. Tell us what you were trying to do, and where it went wrong. Point to the specific area that confused you. Tell us which step failed.

  3. Supply references. Screenshots are great; video is good too if it's relevant. Conversation logs are handy if you see something weird happening in an interaction (a simple click to copy the log), especially if the interaction involves something esoteric or unusual. (After all, you can ask our characters anything.)

  4. Be patient. Not everything can be fixed overnight, and we always have to look at overall priorities when deciding what to build next. That may mean that your "critical" bug isn't first in the queue to be addressed. (Psst you know what gets you bumped up in the queue? Being specific with excellent references. :smile: )

That'll do for now. And guess what? I'd love your feedback on this post. :slight_smile:



pretty good, there's my feedback :rofl:


It is good!! I just have a suggestion.. Can we add more than one AI in a chatroom? I am a new user, so sorry if I am just missing something! But this is a feature I would greatly enjoy! I see that you can add more than one AI to a scene, but they don't talk to each other, or really even speak. I have AI's that I would like to talk with me and each other, so if there is a way that it can happen, I would gladly appreciate it, and I would be even happier!!

Thank you!!

Hi @MaeMae, this isn't something we're supporting now, but it's being worked on. We should have a technical demo soon that will show this off. It's definitely possible, so stick with us and we'll get there.

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