How to use other avatars?

I don't mean to be harsh but... I HATE the Ready Player Me avatars you use in your studio. I get why you likely used them -- easy for newbies to create. But I'm working on my own game and have 3D character designs already.

Can I integrate Inworld with my existing characters? And HOW do I do that?


Hey @CloudStrife - think of the avatars used in Inworld Arcade as more proof of concept than final version, and certainly not something you have to integrate into your own project.

Ready Player Me is a really well known (and supported) avatar system that many people already use across the web, which is one of the reasons we used it as we did - but if you're making a wholly separate game (which, from your other post, I believe you are) then you are free to use whatever avatar system you like.

How to integrate is up to you. We currently offer SDKs for integration using Unreal Engine and Unity, and also support node.js. You can create avatars in any way you like, whether it's from scratch or using pre-bought avatar assets, and connect them up to Inworld. Our documentation is a good place to start if you're using Unreal or Unity.

If you've got further questions on integration specifically, best place for them is the #integrating category, btw. :slight_smile: