I'm worried about minutes going over (free trial)

hey, i made a free acct on the site and created a character (Kurama from Naruto :grin:) and iot's really good, thank you for making this!

i saw that you get 120 m of time on free tier, that's for interactions right? what happens if i shared this character and more than 120m of interaction happens? do I get billed somehwo?!


Hey @FoxesFan, thanks for dropping by!

First of all - you won't get billed because we don't require any sort of credit card or payment method to sign up for a free account. You're all good!

Currently we offer 120 minutes of free interaction time for free/trial accounts. If you shared the character and it went 'viral', with over 120 minutes of interaction time from other users, it would be temporarily inaccessible to others to chat with. That's a good sign though, it means people really enjoy talking with the character you created. :smile:

If you wanted to make sure people can keep interacting with that character, if you sign up for any of our subscriptions (detailed at inworld.ai/pricing) then during our beta period for Inworld Arcade, all interactions are unlimited and 'on us'. Meaning however viral your character gets, we'll make sure people can continue to interact with Kurama (or whoever else you might make).

Remember on the free tier you have unlimited character creation, so if one character goes viral and gets 'maxed out' you can create another, and another, and another... you get the idea!


thank you! :pray: I hope my :fox_face: won't get too many people excited then!!

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thanks for this answer, I wondered myself!