Integrating Inworld with Unreal: Getting Started

Any gamer knows the name ‘Unreal’ both as a classic first person shooter franchise, and also more recently as Unreal Engine, powering a huge variety of games, interactive experiences and even visual effects for Film/TV.

While Unreal is amazing, we think it could be even better with the integration of AI - which is why we built an SDK for Inworld to integrate with UE. Apparently Epic Games agrees with the potential for AI-powered experiences in Unreal too, because in October we were awarded an Epic MegaGrant to make Epic's MetaHumans even more realistic. We're working on giving digital humans artificial intelligence to power believable conversations, facial expressions, and gestures.

To demonstrate Inworld integrating with UE, earlier this summer I moonlighted as a game developer and built a demo in Unreal that I called Galaxy Shop. Galaxy Shop features a classic merchant NPC character type, but unlike most pre-scripted NPCs, with the help of Inworld, our Galaxy Shop merchant can do a lot more than just show you an inventory and ask what you want to buy.

In the video below I walked through my experience of creating a MetaHuman merchant in Inworld Studio, and then integrating him into my Unreal Engine project. I hope the demo inspires you to create your own generative NPCs!

Naturally we have developer docs for our Unreal SDK for you to reference!

If you have any questions about the demo and Galaxy Shop, feel free to leave a reply below. If you have questions about integrating Inworld in Unreal in general, please post another topic here in the Integrating category and add the #Unreal tag.


Oh this is sweet. Gonna give it a try with my MetaHuman project.