Integrating my own voice into a character for Unreal Engine?

Hi, I've just discovered inworld! I really enjoy the possiblities it could offer. I wonder if we could use my own voice or import custom voices into inworld? Also, if we have a script, could we have the characters in inworld read specific scripts then generate new text variations from those scripts? Ie. if I have a choose your own adventure game play that ends with the developer version one of the ending, but I also want the player to experience alternative ending based on decisions made during the game, is that possible or not?

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Hi @wgmi, welcome - thanks for dropping by.

The trick with custom voices is that our NPC dialogue is generated in real-time. There are a lot of text-to-speech AI voice products available, and they're getting better all the time - but very few run with the speed necessary to almost instantly generate a verbal response. The good news is, if you're thinking about creating a commercial project, we can work with you to create a custom speech solution. If you're looking to just experiment, right now we don't offer the ability to clone your voice or select other custom solutions. (We're certainly looking to improve our voice tech though, and with the speed of the market, it's going to get better quickly!)

On your question about the script - plenty is possible with an integration into a game engine such as Unity or Unreal Engine (both of which we have SDKs for, with more integrations coming in future). You could get a character to read a script or variations on that script - or even improvise a script given specific facts. Branching endings of the kind you describe are possible too, although might be something you'd have to work on as part of the integration. We're working on building out more narrative tools for Inworld itself, to allow characters to react to things like conversational changes; right now you'd need to build things out using our goals and actions system.

If you haven't already I'd encourage you to check out our documentation, which goes into more details about the SDKs available.

And if you have further questions about your project, please don't hesitate to ask them here and I'll do my best to get answers. :slight_smile:

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Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your quick response. I am currently work on a project in South Korea where we will be using UE to create an immersive offline interactive experience. The quick version is we want user inputs to create art outputs and display them in realtime. If this project sounds interesting to you, would love to setup a quick discovery call with you.