[Integration] Connecting Inworld.AI with Whatsapp or similar chat-based applications

Hi @Stephen_Inworld,

Thanks for responding to my inquiry the other day regarding adding in 2D images. It's in now and I'm happy to be staring at the image of my character rather than the 3D avatar.

That aside, I'm inquiring if it's possible to integrate my Inworld.AI into a chat-based application, preferably Whatsapp. Scrolling around the forums, I see most integrations being associated with Node.Js and Unity.

I really love Inworld.AI and can already see the possibilities it brings. Keep up the good work!



Hi Danny, yes it is possible and we done this. If you want to test for yourself, add +55 37 3321-9921 to your mobile phone and send a message to begin "falar com chucky" (talk to chucky). It will then start a conversation with this character. Something we learned along the way is that InWorld uses a packets system that is a little like sockets. You have to setup a "wait" because sometimes answers come split and you wont like to recieve just part of them before the users makes the next question. What we done here is to implement a 7-10s wait between each question/answer to asure that we sent everything to the user before letting hum sending another question.

It was pretty straightforward to implement using their documentation.


That's awesome @JoaoAlqueres, thanks for posting. Are you on social anywhere? We'd love to share news of this usage of Inworld.

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Hi Steph, yes, I'm Joao Alqueres (https://www.linkedin.com/in/joao-alqueres/) and i'm with Iara Chat. (https://iara.chat), an alpha WhatsApp chatbot AI that connects users to different AIs.
We just integrated InWorld and intend to let our users talk to virtual characters/avatars directly on WhatsApp to solve problems and entertain themselves. Thanks for reaching out.


Exciting stuff! You may realize we don't officially support languages other than English, but large language models often have other languages 'baked in'. Are you doing anything specific to get responses in Portuguese (I'm assuming)?

Yep, we just trained our bot using only phrases in portuguese. Turned out he can carry on a conversation speaking fluently.

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I'm a relatively new in world ai dev. Have been using unity sdk
But i see you on here often and definitely would be interested in hearing about that or even helping out.

I love the project and i think it has a great couple niches but also areas it could boost past others.