Integration-request Second Life

Hi, I would like to request that inworld be integrated with second life, that can be done using the libreMetaverse library.

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Hi @ottalese and welcome to the forums! Thanks for the suggestion.

Are there any integration docs for Second Life you could point me to, so I can pass on to our development team? I'm very aware of SL but it's been a long time since I checked it out (the mid-2000s I think!).

PS Kudos for correct use of our tags too :grin:

Hi @Stephen_Inworld thanks for the welcome :).

As for integration docs for Second Life the only thing I can come up with is the use of the LibreMetaverse library GitHub - cinderblocks/libremetaverse: An fork of the libopenmetaverse library striving for performance improvements and up-to-date compatibility with SL/OS/Halcyon, and a few APIs and other doc which I am not sure will help or not, I have listed them below.

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Thanks for the reference, I'll pass it on. We can't guarantee we'll integrate, but the more interest we see in any potential integration, the more likely it'll get looked at.

Was there a specific project you were working on, or are you just a general fan of SL?

Yes there is a specific project I am working on, as a pass time I create bots in SL and OpenSim using different APIs such as OpenA(GPT-3)I etc, and I am interesting in all things AI. I have mostly been using the chat APIs, but I am looking into trying to make these bots eventually autonomous using AI. I came across your site and though it would be cool if I could integrated with your software as I usually do when I fine new AI software, I was actually looking into see if you had REST API that I could use, since that is not the case I posted here to see if you can intergrade. If I had the time I would be looking into integrating it my self using your NodeJs SDK along with the LibreMetavers library, but now adays time is a luxury I don't have much of to spare :slight_smile:

It seems from what I have seen from checking out your software is that on the backend your using OpenA(GPT-3), it just seems that way to me from my experience with using OpenA(GPT-3). Any ways if you guys can do the integration that would be great.