Interrupt a character

Hi, just started playing with inworld characters. Amazing!

I'd like to get the ability to interrupt a characters speech on the development roadmap. Sometimes a character can get quite verbose and filled with flowery language. This is lovely and amazing. But one might want to jump past that. Bonus points if the interruption can influence the characters' JOY or TRUST in the moment.

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Hey @mcfilms, welcome! That's a good request and one I'm passing along. It looks like we've done some internal experimentation on this.

Also as an FYI, you can get a character to be less verbose (possibly to an extreme) by changing their dialogue style in Inworld Studio to be 'blunt'. Not an interrupt per se, but it'll make them considerably less wordy. The core description of a character and their example dialogue is also a good place to give the AI a suggestion of how to respond, for example, describing them as "terse" or "clipped" or similar might have a similar effect. Play around with it, that's part of the fun. :grin:

Here's dialogue style in Studio:

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