Introductions! 👍

Let's start with the easy stuff - introduce yourself and tell us why you're here!

I guess I should start. I'm Stephen and I'm Head of Community for Inworld. I've been with the company just shy of a month, but I've been around tech, gaming and community for pretty much my entire career.

I'm a gamer, a very old-school nerd, a cat-dad, an Englishman and a coffee drinker, sometimes all at once.

I'm also this, according to AI art. :point_down:

I'm here, obviously, because I work for Inworld, and I'm responsible for all things 'community'. What does that mean? Well, I do a bunch of different stuff but mostly I spend a lot of time talking to community members, whether it's in places like this new forum, or Discord, or one of our social media accounts.

I'm at Inworld in the first place because I'm extremely excited about the usage of character-based AI in gaming, in tech applications and really... anywhere! We're literally standing on the edge of a revolutionary time in computing and it's exhilarating to be here. Every day there's something new to see, some new advancement to be :astonished: by.

Anyway that's enough about me for now. Feel free to share below and I look forward to getting to know you!


Hi everyone! I'm Ilya, co-founder and CEO at Inworld. Looking forward to talking to everyone. Would really appreciate your feedback and ideas on our platform.


Hey everybody, you may know me from such forums as.... :wink: happy to be here!

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Hello InWorld Team,

Wow! I have to say, I feel like a kid on Christmas! I don't normally sign up immediately on forums but was doing research on AI SDK's and Natural Language AI techniques and happened across a sponsored YT video talking about InWorld. I didn't even finish the video. Jumped right to your website and looked at what you're doing. Very cool!

InWorld seems to be doing exactly what I was trying to achieve. I realize it's ambitious, but I just wanted to see what kind of tech was out there to reach my idea. I think I found it.

Like Stephen, I am an old school gamer starting with Atari. This inspired me to learn assembly programming. Took a detour in construction and became a journeyman, but always had a pull toward tech so I put myself through college and got a degree in Computer Science. Been programming professionally since the 90's. I am a generalist with a focus on front end programming. I love making 3D simulation and games. I am currently CTO of a small studio and always looking for SDK's or techniques we can potentially leverage for our games. We are not working on a character-based game at the moment, but I have ideas I am dying to try out! Can't wait to play with your SDK!

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Welcome @AxeOfSyntax ! Fantastic to have you here. I know that feeling of glee, I had it when I first saw our tech in action. It's eye-opening for sure!

Feel free to drop any comments here on the forums or over on Discord. Welcome again!