Launch pricing

I get that pricing is for prototyping. Can you share more about Launch pricing? Pricing by interaction time isn't really going to work for my business model.

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Welcome @bhurley, thanks for stopping in.

The short answer here is we're willing to work with you! As you say the pricing model on the pricing page is really intended for short-term prototyping and general chat, not really for final deployment at scale. We're happy to talk in more detail about other options including pricing based on daily active users, concurrent users or revenue share. We even have options for offline and on-device implementation.

Go to the contact us page to reach out to our business development team directly. No hard sell!

Oh and if your project really looks like it'll push the boundaries of AI implementation, don't forget our Character Grants program too.

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Very excited to see the recent changes to the Inworld pricing model - UNLIMITED FREE usage in Inworld Studio & Arcade!!! Double the Minutes!!! Cheaper by the Minute for overages!! Thank you Inworld for doubling your offering!

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Excellent info Stephen! Glad someone asked this question. I was searching for this answer. Your mention of offline options / on device is something I was wondering about also.

InWorld should consider putting this information on the pricing page so game studios don't pass you by. Because when I read the pricing chart I debated whether I wanted to spend the time prototyping (and getting all excited) with something that was not tenable as a business model for games if they gained a lot of traction and needed to scale up.