Oculus/VR how does it work?

I saw that you have an Oculus app. How does that work? Can I talk to my character in VR?


Welcome @Lixo :wave:

Right now you'll need our Companion App for Oculus (or Quest, I guess!) to make that happen but yes, you can talk to your character in VR. As the Companion App isn't available on the Oculus/Quest Store yet, leave your details in this form and we'll send you a link to download it.

(FYI - the form literally just asks for your email; we wouldn't ask for email in public, such as here in the forums, because of privacy. However, we're only using your email to send you the Companion App link.)


My query 'may' be related. My student has created a UNITY Project and integrated our inWorld character. The inWorld character (Bob) responds to questions and comments quite naturally. Amazing.
We have built all this using UNITY on a desktop Windows PC and a tethered Oculus VR HMD.
We would like to make our Project more portable for demonstration purposes.
Can I make the Project - with Bob - available on the Oculus Quest 2?
If so, do you have any suggested How -to docs?
Many thanks.

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Hey Michael,

Thank you for reaching us.
Our current SDK naturally support Android/Oculus with IL2CPP. As long as you've loaded your InworldControllers and characters in your Unity Scene, it'll also work for your oculus app.

To move and interact the character in VR, you need to replace PlayerController with "OVR_Camera_Rig". See Getting Started | Inworld AI for more details.

To build the app and work properly in run time, you probably need to set up keystore, microphone permission in Manifest.xml See https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-conf-settings/ for more details.

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Thank you. I'll give it a try.