Question About Character Grants

I'm working on an RPG and have so far created 32 NPCs with unique personalities and a massive dialogue tree. I saw that you're offering $50k for character grants. How are grants awarded? What are you looking for?

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Hi @maddieb - sounds like you've done a lot of the work already, but maybe with some AI-powered NPCs you could get a little further....

Honestly with character grants we're open to (and have been seeing) just about any potential use of Inworld's AI technology, from games to immersive experiences. That said, any project that's submitted needs to look reasonably feasible (for example, "I will create the world's first sentient AI" might be a stretch) and ideally, well planned from professionals with a track record. While we may give grants to those who are not experts in using AI, we do want people who we believe can deliver, and deliver something genuinely interesting - and ideally, not really seen before.

All that said, if you've already created a lot of dialogue and NPC characters for your RPG, then you may still benefit from adding AI to either supplement (or even replace) some of those NPCs. You're welcome to apply! Details and the application form are here - Inworld AI Character Grants