Tutorials for Unity & Unreal

Unity devs can check out this tutorial to see how to drag-and-drop Inworld-powered Ready Player Me avatars into their experiences.

For Unreal, we received an Epic MegaGrant to add artificial intelligence to MetaHumans. Tutorial here.

Any other tutorial, walkthroughs, or workshops you're keen to see?


Perhaps it would be helpful to have a Unity Thread and Unreal in separate categories? I'd say there apple and oranges but more like bananas and Lightsabers.
Yes, there is a tutorial for that - Credit to: VictryOrChimichangas

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Hey @EveryGoodWork, Discourse (the forums solution here) uses tags like #Unity and #Unreal, so you can search and classify things appropriately. We're starting small, hence one category for #integrating-inworld for now. If we need to in future we can add subcategories.