Unity Integration/Plugin/ThirdParty/GL TFUtility

I am using Unity2021.3.8f1, when i import the Inworld integration,
i am getting 280 errors: CS0246 the type of the name space "..."could not be found.

Why is that?
How can i solve this?

Hello, usually it's because incompatible with the existing package. For example, ready player me SDK also uses GLTFUtility. If that issue happens, please delete the related GLTFUtility files, and then perform the related modification in code. Here's the reference: Animations | Inworld AI

If it's related to Newtonsoft not found, Newtonsoft is automatically integrated in Unity after 2018.3, but if you've modified package.json, sometimes it won't be updated. please check the followings to install: Newtonsoft Json Unity Package | Newtonsoft Json | 3.0.2 (unity3d.com)