Use other voice services?

I'm not loving the Inworld voices. The high quality ones are better, but they don't work for my characters. Can I use services like Respeecher or Uberduck?


Hi @dndbotsta - you can integrate your own preferred voices if you integrate Inworld into your own project, but you can't make that change within Inworld Studio right now.

We support integration into Unity, Unreal and node.js projects right now; you can find more information in the Documentation section on the website.

Note, you have to be using a real-time voice synthesis system that handles text-to-speech. While I don't know Respeecher and Uberduck too well, from looking at their sites, Respeecher doesn't seem to support Unity/Unreal integration for real-time use (they specifically say it's not a text to speech system); Uberduck doesn't seem to have direct Unity/Unreal integration either.

I'll see if I can get one of our engineers to weigh in here as well!


I second this request, I just tried the GM chat and was blown away. But I was wishing I could adjust or replace the voice. I've seen some pretty amazing voice synthesis happening at Text-to-Speech: Lifelike Speech Synthesis  |  Google Cloud and Overdub: Natural-Sounding Text-to-Speech | Descript - a modular way to swap voice generators would be pretty cool.

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