Using the Feedback and Bugs category

Thoughts on Inworld? Found a bug? Talk about it here.

If you have any feedback on Inworld as a product, or think you've found a bug, this is where to share. Whether it's feedback on how you think Inworld might be improved or a specific issue, this is the category to post in.

If you are integrating Inworld into a project and have a question or feedback about that integration, please post a topic in the Integrating Inworld category, where you can tag it appropriately.

Speaking of tags, we've added a few general tags to get started here. You'll need to select at least one when you post a new topic, but add as many as seems right. They are:

  • #Bug - If you think you've discovered a bug; please combine this tag with another to be precise.
  • #Character-Creation - If you have feedback on the process of creating characters.
  • #Character-Voices - If you have feedback on Inworld Studio's character voices.
  • #Feature-Request - If you'd like to request a general feature in Inworld Studio or Arcade.
  • #General-Feedback - Feedback that applies in general.
  • #Inworld-Studio - Feedback specific to Inworld Studio; please combine this tag with another to be precise.
  • #Support - If you have an issue with your account, including billing, use this tag.

Please tag your topic appropriately, as it helps people navigate and find topics of interest.

Thanks in advance - we're looking forward to hearing from you!