Who owns the IP?

I'm working on a game and have lots of IP that (I hope!) could be really valuable in the future.

My hesitancy at using Inworld is around who owns the IP of the Inworld characters. I know with generative art stuff there is a bit of uncertainty around IP and copyright.

How does that all shake out with your AI-driven character brains?


Hi @CloudStrife, welcome to the forums and good luck on the game!

The short version is you own anything you create or connect to Inworld, such as your character's descriptions and any assets you might create as part of an integration. You also own (within your project) any text generated upon interaction with an Inworld-powered AI character by a player/user, as well as the text inputted by the player/user.

All that we own is Inworld's code/tech, basically.

We want your characters to be interactive, exciting and unpredictable - but we have no interest in owning them. :smile: If your game becomes the next Final Fantasy VII we'll be cheering you on!

BTW, if you want the lawyer version, this is covered in our Terms, section 5 "Your Content", and I quote (emphasis at the end mine):

You can provide, upload, and otherwise make available various content (including certain information, text, graphics, images, files, scripts, designs, instructions, illustrations, photographs, pictures and other material) to the Services (“Your Content”) that is used to generate your Character’s virtual persona (including your Character’s interactions with a person) and graphics (collectively, “Your Generated Content”). Your Content also includes inputs received by your Character from a person interacting with your Character. You own Your Content and Your Generated Content, excluding in each case Company Content.


Cool. Thanks Stephen! I appreciate both versions. lol.

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